Monday, March 3, 2008
This tutorial will teach you how to make a signature with an image scrolling in perspective.
It is for Photoshop only, but users of other editors will get the idea.

You will need a seamless texture.
A seamless texture is a texture that you can tile without seams. A good texture to use would be a wall texture from a game. Look for seamless texture tutorials.

Make a new file 600 x 600 with a black background. It will be cropped later.

Make a new layer and fill it with your seamless texture. Resize the texture so that there are no parts of it outside your image. Name the layer "scroll".

Duplicate the layer and apply the offset filter (FILTERS>OTHER>OFFSET) with the following settings:
vertical 0
horizontal 50
Repeat until you have 12 layers plus the background.

Link the layers.

Select the topmost layer and hit CTRL+T
A frame with handles will appear around your image.
Right click inside the frame and choose perspective.

Drag one of the corners so that one of the sides (right or left) becomes smaller.
drag a corner on the opposite side so that it gets taller (it doesn't matter if it goes outside of the picture).
Hit ENTER. The frame will disappear and ALL your frames will be transformed. If the transformation didn't work on all the layers, go over the steps and find out what you did wrong.

Crop your picture to 600 x 100 (signature size).

Send your file to ImageReady. There's a button at the bottom of the toolbar that does that, or hit CTRL+SHIFT+M.
In imageready, yoou will see that your animation has already one frame.

Click the button to duplicate frame and then, in your layers, turn off the topmost layer.
repeat until you get to the last layer. You should have 12 frames.

Play the animation and tweak to taste.


You can apply any transformation or deformation you want, or any ammount of scroll in the offset filter, just make sure it loops properly using this formula:
width = offset settings x number of frames
In this case, we have 600 = 50 x 12.
You can also do it vertically and diagonally if you're creative.
Have fun!


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