Saturday, February 2, 2008
Hi guys a small tutorial to convert any image into a sketch.
1 duplicate the image onto a new layer. Shortcut CTRL+J
2. Now covert the layer to black and white. Shortcut CTRL+ALT+U or go to menu image / adjust/ desaturate.
3. Now when the image is in black and white duplicate the layer again.
4. Now intervt the new layer. Shortcut CTRL+I or go to menu image adjust intervt.
5. Now your image looks like a negative. Then from the blending options in the layers pallette select color dodge.
6.Now the image looks completely white.
Here the magic begins.
7. Now go to filters blur gaussian blur and start from the lower setting and with the preview button checked keep looking at the image and increase the blur and you will see how the sketch starts to appear.
We'll if you loved this tutorial do write back and i'll give you some more advanced professional stuff to do with the sketch.


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