Tuesday, February 12, 2008
I have never seen the moon setting in the waters. It's just a neat little trick I learnt in Photoshop.
1. Open any image of the sea. It need not be dark. This one was not.
2. To create the moon open a White layer.
3.Use the Circular Marquee to make a circular selection.
4.Go to Edit and cut it. Minimise the White layer. It's not needed anymore.
5.Now go to Edit and Paste the white circle on it. Position it suitably.
6.Now again take the Circular Marquee tool and drag it over the White circle. Now cut out a portion and so that the white circle looks like the cresent of the moon.
7.Select the Rectangular Marquee. Place it at the bottom of the moon and cut it. It wil now seem that the moon is on the waters. But some more steps are required to make it realistic.
8.Take the Smudge tool and carefully smudge the edges of the moon where it meets the water.
9.Duplicate the moon layer you have created by going to Layers>Duplicate Layer.
10.Go to Edit>Transform>Flip Vertical.
11.Drag the layer you have flipped vertical to below the moon. It will be the reflection.
12.Reduce opacity of this inverted layer to 30%
13.Take the Eraser tool and erase about 40% of the reflection layer.
14.Take the Smudge tool again. Use it to follow the ripples in the water as you use the tool. It will take awhile to get it just right.
15.Now go the original moon layer. Select it by clicking on it.
16>Go to Layer Styles>Blending Options>Outer Glow. Drag the Spread Slider and then the Size Slider till you have achieved the effect.
17>Now choose the sea image by clicking on it.
18.Choose Image>Adjustment>Curves. From the drop down box drag the line which will change the Input and Output. Drag the line towards the right bottom to darken or conversely to the left
top left to lighten the image. When you are satisfied Click OK.
17.Last go to Layers>Flatten Layer.
18.Save You are done.


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